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PN Intermodal EA Update: When members stand together, the bosses have to listen!

After some frank and honest feedback from the Membership in the last week, PN have listened. They have heard the voices of the Membership across the country and have been forced to act.

As it stands the “In-Principle” position the RTBU and PN negotiated remains and will be voted on starting Monday the 22nd of February………so VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

In Principle Position

  • Two Year Agreement
  • 2.5% per year
  • $500 bonus upon ratification, and $500 the following year anniversary
  • No loss to any wages or conditions

What’s happening with 3.9?

There were concerns from the Membership throughout the Depot Tour about PN’s commitment to go to arbitration. Pacific National have now made it explicitly clear that unless an agreed position is reached with the RTBU arbitration will be sought through the Fair Work Commission.

Both the RTBU and PN will come together on Tuesday the 23rd of February to finalise the process leading up to Arbitration.

Broader Interpretation Issues

RTBU Members were very clear about this. The continued reinterpretation of Clauses is causing havoc. Constant fighting and arguing is taking up people’s time and detracting from what the Drivers want to do, and that’s drive trains!!!

Pacific National have acknowledged that the protracted dispute process and the reinterpretation of Clauses needs to be addressed and to that end have proposed a Working Party (made up of 3 Delegates, the Union and PN) to address the following clause interpretation issues:

  • Attachment 1-clause 17: Cancellation recovery shifts
  • Attachment 1, clause 4: Shift limits and 3up and 4up
  • Attachment 1, clause 1.1: All known working to be placed in the Master Roster
  • Attachment 1, clause 2.7.3: “Day in Lieu” and working an RDO.
  • Interpretation of “direct contact” to the Driver concerned (voicemail and text messages)
  • Attachment 1, clause 3.5: Altering a Drivers Roster with less than 12 hours’ provisions

If agreement is not reached on any of the above disputes, the dispute resolution steps will be available for us to follow.

Future Interpretation Issues

If PN identify a rostering provision which they believe should be interpreted differently, they have committed to raising the variance at the National Consult Committee prior to implementing the change (or with the Work Group if the next NCC is too far away).

This will remove the current process of the snap implementation of reinterpretation of Clauses. PN have also committed to adhering to the Status Quo while the issues are worked through.

The unity and solidarity the Drivers group has shown in the last week has been outstanding and has proven that standing together works.

If any Member has any questions or queries about the EA or the other commitments that have been made, please get in contact with someone from the RTBU Negotiating Team, the National Office or your Workplace Delegate.


Download a copy of the update here.