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PN Intermodal EA Update: The official results of the EA ballot have been declared and it’s a YES.

Thank you to each and every member that voted, an 88% participation rate is an outstanding effort.

Where to Now?

In the final days of the Access Period, Members made PN and the RTBU National Office explicitly aware as to what was going on out on the ground. And as per the Members directives (through the EA Bargaining Team), National Secretary Mark Diamond secured key commitments from Pacific National:

Driver Delegate Workgroup

A Workgroup will be formed (Delegates, the RTBU and PN) to sit down and resolve the six most contentious outstanding disputes, those being:

  • Attachment 1, clause 17: Cancellation recovery shifts
  • Attachment1, clause 4: Shift limits and 3up and 4up
  • Attachment 1, clause 1.1: All known working to be placed in the Master Roster
  • Attachment 1, clause 2.7.3: “Day in Lieu” and working an RDO
  • Interpretation of “direct contact” to the Driver concerned (voicemail and text messages)
  • Attachment 1, clause 3.5: Altering a Drivers Roster with less than 12 hours’ notice and sign on/off provisions

If resolution cannot be agreed upon, these matters will be taken further as per the DSP Clause in the EA in a timely manner.

On top of the above six issues, National Organiser Leanne Holmes will be collating a spreadsheet of every outstanding NOD across the country.

Members have made it clear that that they are sick and tired of NODs going nowhere. Leanne will be getting in contact with Branch Organisers to ensure that all NODs are included.

PN have been put on notice that Members will no longer accept reinterpretation, reimagining or reinvention of what a Clause means or is how it is implemented.

3.9 Arbitration

As the independent arbitration of the interpretation of 3.9 wasn’t contingent on the EA outcome, preliminary work had started in the Industrial sphere.

National Organiser Leanne Holmes is currently collating NOD’s relating to 3.9 so please forward her any information ASAP at lholmes@rtbu.org.au

Future Interpretation Issues

If PN identify a rostering provision which they believe should be interpreted differently, they have committed to raising the variance at the National Consult Committee prior to implementing the change (or with the Work Group if the next NCC is too far away).

The status quo to remain until consultation has occurred.

United for Change

While the voting outcome is extremely close, Members have made it clear that they are united in demanding a fair, just and peaceful work life.

RTBU: Right To Be Union.

Download a copy of the update.