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PN Coal (North) – Significant changes

Pacific National recently issued several notices of consultation to Coal Crews in relation to its Northern Operations. In short the notices relate to changing the HUB of Operation’s in the Hunter from Port Waratah to the Greta Train Facility. 

This includes:

  • Downsizing of the Port Waratah Depot by natural attrition 
  • Upscaling of the Greta Facility 
  • Introducing a New Barracks Location in the Greta Area (for Gunnedah Werris Creek and Mudgee Crews use) 
  • An incentive payment for HBT Train Crew who accept a move to Greta 
  • Changes to Train Crew Rosters at Greta 
  • Changes to Terminal Drivers roster teams at HBT 
  • Non filling of Vacancies of HBT Terminal Drivers 

The company has assured us there will be no redundancies and no forced transfers. 

Under the consultation provisions of the Bulk Enterprise Agreement affected employees have the right to raise concerns and ask any questions they may have on the proposed changes. We strongly encourage members to submit any concerns or enquiries via the company feedback forms and also email a copy to our office at newcastle@rtbu-nsw.asn.au. 

Consultation under the agreement is for a fourteen day period only, so it is important that members log any concerns as soon as possible

Members can be assured that RTBU Locomotive Division will work with our Delegates and PN to ensure all provisions of the enterprise agreement are met and our members end up with facilities that are of a high standard. 

Any questions please speak to your local Delegate.

Click here to download the complete Newsflash.