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PN Coal advise down sizing of Werris Creek in North West restructure

Further to PN Coal’s announcement in February to restructure its northern operations, and after the RTBU Locomotive Division represented concerns of Freight members who would be impacted by the restructure, PN Coal put their plans on hold, while PN Freight undertook a review of their operations.

PN Freight have now completed their review and as a result both entities yesterday announced the following proposed changes;


Werris Creek Depot downsized to:

  • 10 permanent Full Time Employees (Includes 1 Driver Trainer)
  • 6 Flying Gang Positions
  • These roles are to be supported by Labour Hire
  • 2 Supervisors to cover Werris Creek and Narrabri


  • Gunnedah Depot – Increase numbers by up to 7 plus one Driver Trainer and 1 Supervisor
  • Willow Tree Area Depot – A new depot to be established to include 12 Train Crew (exact location still to be determined)

The management of the Werris Creek depot will transition from coal management to freight management from 1st July. A number of buildings and Infrastructure at Werris Creek are to be mothballed.

Employees have been given the options to submit an expression of interest for appointment to various locations. PN have advised they will be holding consultation meetings with all affected employees to discuss these options.

The company has issued a formal notice of consultation as required under the enterprise agreement. Under the consultation provisions members and the Union have the opportunity to formally submit questions and concerns. The company is then required to respond in writing to the issues and questions raised.

The RTBU Locomotive Division will hold a zoom / phone meeting with members early next week to discuss their concerns. (Details to follow). Please send us your latest email and phone contacts if you have not already done so.

We understand there are a lot of questions still to be answered in relation to how members are to be selected should there be more expressions for a particular location then there are jobs etc. These are all questions that need to be answered by PN and you can be assured we will be pushing them to ensure they meet EA obligations. We will be working closely with your local delegate to ensure all concerns are heard by management to ensure members are transitioned to other employment with least impact as is possible.

We understand this decision is likely to put more pressure on individuals and their families in these unprecedented times and remind members to take advantage of the company’s employees assistance program should they need. Should you have any questions please contact your delegate or our office.

Click here to download the complete Newsflash.