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PN Bulk EA 2022 – First Discussions

Members are advised that the RTBU Locomotive Division met with Pacific National Management last  Friday at their head office in North Sydney to discuss the upcoming bargaining process and the logistics  etc. Your Divisional Councilors, Dave Roberts, Wayne Pallant, Aaron Whitehead and Mark Supple were  also in attendance along with, Divisional Secretary Bob Hayden, Divisional President Farren Campbell,  Greg Cameron, Kevin Pryor and Peter Matthews. 

Prior to the meeting, the RTBU had expected that Pacific National would be in a position to outline if it  was seeking any agreement coverage changes and when we could expect the NERR notification to be  sent to employees as required under the Fair Work Act. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in the  management team, PN indicated that talks had not yet taken place internally with the Chief Executive  and therefore this information could not yet be provided. They did state that it was expected that the  information would be provided and the NERR issued in the next couple of weeks. 

Pending agreement being able to be reached on agreement coverage, the following actions & general  guidelines were committed at the meeting. 

  • The RTBU will provide PN with a list of delegates to be released for a two day meeting to discuss and develop their log of claims and receive some training. Pacific National will facilitate the release.
  • Part A would be negotiated with Your Divisional Councillors and Officials.
  • Parts B, C, and D would be negotiated with Divisional Councillors, Depot Representatives, and Officials.
  • Meetings should, where possible, be of two days’ duration every fortnight.
  • The RTBU are happy to make their Redfern Office available to facilitate negotiation meetings.
  • Regional locations may, on occasion, be considered for negotiations.
  • PN will supply an administrator for minute-taking.
  • The parties will come back to each other on suitable meeting dates.

PN announced their negotiation team as Kate Alam, Head of Workplace Relations, Craig Liddy Head of  Human Resources Operations, Brendan Sellens Head of Operations NSW Coal, Nick Clifton, Head of  Operations – Bulk.  

A further update will be provided once dates are confirmed. 

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.