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Pair of possums take on Sydney Trains

Jul 19, 2019Update

Two mischievous ringtail possums decided to take a joyride with commuters recently, running away from mum to the Blue Mountains. They were found on a train from Hornsby to Penrith ready for their holiday.

The daring duo are suspected of having boarded the train at the Hornsby maintenance depot and travelling a full eight stops before being discovered. Once discovered, the carriage was cleared and sealed off from the public for the safety of all commuters, furry or otherwise.

A 15-minute window at Penrith station was created as volunteer animal handlers rescued the possums and took the pair home to their mum in Hornsby.

Though animal rescue operations and fare evading possums on a train are unusual, wildlife rescues on the tracks occur all the time. Animals find themselves in rail corridors ahead of passenger trains and though authorities try their best, not every rescue operation is a success.

Click here to read the full article from the Daily Telegraph.