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Pacific National Intermodal Outsourced Projects Enterprise Agreement Update

 With the Enterprise Agreement nominal expiry date being the 30th June 2020, negotiations commenced yesterday after months of delay by Pacific National. 

While Pacific National didn’t have a Log of Claims ready for yesterday’s meeting, Your RTBU negotiating team decided to expedite negotiations by explaining and discussing your log of claims to Pacific National as follows; 

  • Level 9 T/O (Bluescope) to be paid Level 11 permanently for the tipping of the Limestone. Using extra competency Load Lifting Gantry/Straddle Equipment. 
  • Level 9 T/O (South Yard) to be paid Level 11 permanently for piloting train crew. Using extra competency – Provide Locomotive Operational Assistance for Train Movements. 
  • Sick Leave – same as per Clause 25.4 (a,b,c) of the Intermodal Division Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018 
  • Long Service Leave to be paid at Total Remuneration rate for all employees covered by this agreement. 
  • APM multiplier to be adjusted to accommodate afternoon shift, for example 1400 start. 
  • Addition of the Isolation Officer box to the table describing current job roles as per Clause 10.21 of the Intermodal Division Terminal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018 
  • Redundancy 
    • a. If position is made redundant, then letter of offer stating time frame (minimum/maximum) for when employee is required to work too. 
    • b. Voluntary Redundancy swaps across all PN Divisions 
  • Domestic Violence Clause 29 of the Intermodal Division Terminal Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018 as agreed during the last negotiations. 
  • Additional Pay increase that was missing from last Enterprise Agreement. 

Next steps; in an effort to try and reach in principle agreement by June 2020, weekly meetings will be held. In addition, Pacific National has agreed to have their Log of Claims ready for the next meeting which we will distribute to members as soon as they are received. 

Your RTBU Negotiation team consists of Kevin Pryor from the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, Mick Cartwright from the NSW RTBU Branch with RTBU delegates Paul Bentley, Jason McPhee and David Rowley. 

Newsflashes will be distributed after each meeting to keep you updated on the progress of negotiations. 

Click here to download the full Newsflash.