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Pacific National: important employee update

Congratulations to each and every RTBU Member for standing together.

Every signature on the two petitions (which totalled almost 1,500), every phone hook-up attended, and every written question has forced PN to change its tack.

PN has abandoned the attempted variations to your Agreement and has been in discussions with RTBU officials about a way forward in order to deal with the possibility that its operations may be affected by the COVID-19.

There now will be a negotiation process similar to that of the normal EBA negotiations.

As a result of the united strength of RTBU members, PN has agreed to the following:

  • PN will provide the RTBU Negotiating Teams with all the materials to back up proposed changes i.e. trigger points, modelling, concept documents
  • Any proposals are for COVID-19 ONLY
  • Any agreed measures will only be TEMPORARY
  • Negotiations will follow the usual Good Faith processes

RTBU Organisers will be in daily contact to ensure broader principles are adhered to.

On Monday 20 April, initial meetings will commence to lay down the parameters for negotiations including who will be at the table, dates and times, how the meetings will be run etc.

Make no mistakes Comrades, this is only possible due to Union strength and solidarity. Even in a global pandemic, RTBU Members will not and did not stand for attacks on their conditions.

Keep your eyes on your Union Notice boards for upcoming updates.

Click here to download the full update.