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Operational train staff face double standards

Feb 10, 2020Update

Due to terrible weather conditions and to “reduce the impact on the network”, non operational staff are being asked to work from home today. Meanwhile, most operational staff such as drivers and guards have been relentlessly working all weekend and dealing with severe weather impacts across the public transport network. Last night, there were landslides, power outages and flooding leaving the train network in absolute chaos. Guess who was on the front line when that was happening? That’s right, operational staff.

“If there is such a load on the public transport network, as non operational staff have been told not to even go to work, surely operational staff should be afforded the same courtesy? Instead, operational staff are trying their hardest to get to work on time today and yet, if they’re late or get charges, they’ll still get an interrogation, please explain or not at point of duty charge! That’s just double standards,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“Of course we are in favour of all workers being given leeway and anything that keeps workers safe. What’s concerning however is that the safety of operational staff doesn’t seem to be considered during times like this nor are they, it would seem by this message, given any leeway if they are running late due to the same issues that non-operational staff may affected by.”