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Operating ATP Fitted M Set in Bypass – Return to Service

Jun 10, 2020Sydney Trains

The RTBU Locomotive Division has regularly engaged in consultation with Sydney Trains regarding ATP equipment installation and return to service for Millennium rolling stock. This return to revenue service is expected to commence towards the end of June. 

As a result of changes, a 40-minute briefing has been developed for Drivers. The briefing consists of a video outlining changes and a “frequently asked questions” session developed by standards officers and ATP project drivers. All drivers are to receive the briefing prior to operating ATP fitted M Sets in “Bypass”. 

After watching the video, a shift manager will compile driver feedback & questions to source answers (shift managers are not qualified in traction, so answers will be provided by standards officers or the project team). 

The current M Set Preparation Procedure has been amended to include required ATP changes (there are no other changes to the procedure). Drivers will receive a hard copy M Set Preparation Procedure. 

This briefing must be completed before a driver prepares or operates an ATP fitted M Set in Bypass. 

Sydney Trains intend to amend short Diagrams to incorporate the ATP briefing at the start. Amended Diagrams will not exceed the Enterprise Agreement Shift Limit of 8hours 33mins and will conform to all requirements of the DRAWA. Some briefings may also be held during track work shutdowns. 

A standards officer will accompany each driver the first time they prepare an ATP equipped M Set to assist and support. 

Drivers are reminded: 

  • 8hrs 33min is the maximum rostered shift length. 
  • You must not drive, or prepare, an ATP equipped M set unless the ATP briefing has been completed. The briefing is not complete until responses to any questions are received. 

Members are advised that a full ATP training program will be undertaken in the future. The briefing will only cover “Bypass/Normal” operation and preparation procedure changes. 

All faults and failures must be reported to defects and work as directed. Drivers will not be qualified in faults and failures (analysis, identification, fixing) for the ATP equipment. 

Members should contact head office or their local delegates if assistance is required. 

Click here to download the complete Footplate.

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