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Ongoing disputes with Aurizon

Jun 17, 2019Aurizon News

Aurizon are continuing to treat your agreement with contempt. After taking industrial action last year to achieve annual leave rights and workplace surveillance protections, members expected that Aurizon would honour its bargain. However, a mere 3 months after the agreements approval, we have to continue to fight for our rights and protections.

This clearly is not a fight about money. This is an ideological fight being undertaken by a company that wants to strip away member’s rights at work.

It is time to stand up and fight back before it’s too late. Remember, first they come for your annual leave, and then they’ll come for your workplace surveillance protections, next they’ll come for your delegates. What’s next?

By standing together we will win this. If you know anyone at your workplace who’s not a union member, tell them to join and be part of this fight.

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