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NSW Trains Directors’ Self Recognition Awards: ‘All the glitters is not gold’

Oct 8, 2019Update

As Members would be aware, the rock fall at Glenbrook in April caused chaos on the Main Western Line for weeks with commuters forced to catch buses whilst urgent repairs were undertaken. As a result Locomotive Division Members worked for several weeks in less than ideal conditions however, they understood that commuters still required an adequate level of service.

The Locomotive Division has been made aware that during this period Drivers schedules were hand written on scraps of paper with a top heavy workload that saw :

  • Crew signing on at the window without finish times,
  • Schedules formulated without a crib break,
  • Shifts in excess of ten (10) hours,
  • Turnaround times at platforms with as little time as two (2) minutes,
  • Recognised turnaround points without relief or standby crew,
  • Schedules with drivers performing safeworking duties for 6 hours prior to a crib break

So, whilst the train crew dug deep to keep the system workable, NSW Trains Executive has deemed it appropriate to reward its own Directors and senior managers at a self congratulatory back patting session at their own glitterati award ceremony.

Even as NSW Trains own photos prove, managers associated with the Glenbrook incident hold aloft trophies at the Staff Recognition Awards 2019 whilst the front line staff clutch certificates.

Many Members have contacted this Office to state some of the ‘recipients’ of these prestigious awards were “nowhere to be seen” during the course of the shutdown to offer a basic managerial care of duty. Basics such as a meal break is a fundamental part of any working day, no matter the industry.

However, as was apparent, a contingency plan to keep the system moving that infringes on your hard fought for rights and conditions is now cause for managers’ champagne corks to start popping! One would question the cost of KPI BRAND champagne….

It is shameful to witness these empire builders at a their own fantasy awards claim accolades off the back of front line staff. A variable who’s who? in the glamorous world of self-promotion.

Imagine your own overflowing trophy cabinet, a right treasure trove full of shining baubles and life time achievements from a world of self recognition. Where not only it is an honor to be the recipient of such a prestigious award, but it is also a great honor to bestow such recognition to such a deserved individual.

Staff Recognition Awards for Staff? Absolutely….But too many times do senior NSW Trains managers place your feather in their cap.