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NSW Government failing on freight targets

The NSW Government is sabotaging its own targets to shift freight transport from roads to rail with only 18% of containers sent to Port Botany currently transported by rail, far short of the government’s goal of 28% by 2021.

The government continues to issue more freight permits to A-double trucks and high productivity vehicles than to freight trains.

Freight operators and industry groups, including Pacific National and Qube, have called for an incentive scheme to speed the transition to rail freight and get more trucks off Sydney’s roads, reducing traffic congestion, road deterioration and vehicle emissions.

The industry alliance has pointed to a WA incentive scheme which offers government subsidies to freight operators that opt for rail to transport cargo to Fremantle Port, nudging rail to a 20% share of freight operations, as an example NSW could follow.

Transport for NSW stated it is “equally committed to working with the rail freight industry to identify solutions for improved productivity on rail through addressing infrastructure and access and operational constraints on rail, without diminishing safety and productivity on road.”

However, John Graham, Labor spokesperson for roads, said the government was missing its clear targets, with increasing road tolls “forcing trucks onto suburban streets.”

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