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North Regional Rostering Dispute

Jul 9, 2020Update

Regional members are advised that a step 3 dispute currently exists in relation to the Op Crew rostering system and its application to regional rosters. The issues at hand are that several drivers have had their book off days changed without their consent, blank days on relief rosters have been allocated a sign on time for non-existent working and blank working days have been allocated  NTA status. Additionally, all known working has not been shown nor have rostered overtime and claim sheets been shown on book off days. Management have attempted to explain that these changes are required in order for the Op Crew system to function properly, something which is far from credible as these issues are not occurring in other Regional depots who utilise the same system.

It should be remembered that the Op Crew system was designed and implemented for suburban rosters only and has been problematic since being implemented into Intercity and particularly so into regional rosters. The reasons given by management fall way short of logical and, even if there are problems with the system it does not follow that longstanding industrial agreements and the conditions therein can be bypassed or manipulated to facilitate a flawed system that was never intended for its current use. At the time of writing the matter remains on-going.