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No polos for you: RailCorp knocks back comfy shirts

Feb 12, 2012Update

RailCorp has knocked back a request from the RTBU to include polo shirts in the uniform for drivers. RailCorp claims it is seeking a more ‘professional image’ for drivers.

This is despite other classifications including supervisors being allowed to wear polo shirts as part of their uniform. The RTBU does not accept RailCorp’s reasoning and will seek guidance from members as to taking the matter further.

Meanwhile, further to the recent story on Loco Express, your uniform committee has met with RailCorp and decided the following:

– Agreement for the provision of the Trousers/Shorts (Pleated/Cargo Style) in charcoal grey

– Lightweight Spray Jackets (Black) to be added to the Uniform provision

– A new lightweight wet weather gear has been sourced

– The green shirt as trialled has been approved and a proof of concept shirt will be manufactured with pocket and buttons altered as per drivers requests. This shirt will be available for viewing in approximately 10 weeks.