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NIF Update 37: Training Expression of Interest

Sep 25, 2020Update

Dear member,

This week NSW Trains began circulating an expression of interest (EOI) to Gosford Drivers and Central Guards for NIF training.

It’s unfortunate that NSW Trains continue to press forward on its dangerous operating model. They have been told repeatedly by RTBU representatives that the model will result in an unsafe train. No amount of training can cure the disaster that will unfold if NSW Trains is allowed to bring in its operating model and driver only operations.

The RTBU recommends that members do not volunteer to participate in NIF training. If you have already signed the EOI because you were unaware it was voluntary, simply advise your shift manager in writing that you wish to withdraw your interest.

If NSW Trains wants us to crew their disaster of a train, then they can drag us kicking and screaming. Members have already made it clear that they will not crew a dangerous train, and they won’t help NSW Trains bring the train into service.

There is currently an appeal on foot in the Fair Work Commission against the decision that NSW Trains is allowed to implement their new classifications. Until such a time that the appeal is decided, NSW Trains are not allowed to introduce the Customer Service Guard (CSG) or Intercity Specialist Driver (ISD).

If you see management taking any action to implement the roles of CSG or ISD, please let us know as it may assist in future action that can be taken against NSW Trains.

In unity,


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