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NIF Project fails the test

May 4, 2020Update

Members, here we are again listening to the same old and tired diatribe from a pair of Transport Ministers who display an absolute lack of accountability before laying the blame at the union’s feet, showcasing the measure of their heights as leaders.

The failures stem from a government who is making excuses, having denied the Locomotive Division full access to the NIF rolling stock. Instead, the train continues to creep about the system in the dead of night under a cloak and dagger operation, supposedly an ‘essential service’, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

If this NIF project, as the Minister claims, has been delayed by the RTBU due to our concerns for the safety of the train crew and the travelling public alike, then we stand guilty as charged. This government should start telling the truth. The mode of operation for this NIF train they intend to deliver has serious safety issues which could result in serious injury or fatality – something that cannot be covered up.

The Locomotive Division would like to acknowledge Ms Doyle, Member for the Blue Mountains as the Minister of the ‘fair dinkum’. And to reaffirm her comments that these ‘fat trains’ have cost the taxpayer an added figure in excess of $1.7 billion spent on infrastructure.

Lastly, in echoing the comments in the article and contemplating if these ministers had the ability to deliver a pizza, one could only shudder at the toppings, given the sandwiches they continue to serve up to the public are less than palatable.

Bon Appetit. 

Click here to read the article from the Blue Mountains Gazette.