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NIF ‘In the Know’ is in the dark!

Jun 28, 2019Update

NSW Trains have again embarked on an ‘In the Know’ speaking tour to inform employees of their proposed NIF operational mode.

The Locomotive Division has been informed that the ‘In the Know’ sessions will be ‘scheduled as appropriate in each region subject to the regions operating environment and constraints’ and that the session is ‘not always possible in the current climate with restricted resourcing’. 

The Locomotive Division believes that if NSW Trains placed a genuine emphasis on their employee’s future, a consistent delivery approach would be applied across all regions, as the ‘current climate’ of ‘restricted resources’ is of NSW Trains own making and should not impact on an employee’s right to know. 

This can only be seen as an attempt by NSW Trains to prioritise their KPIs over the needs of their employees to be equally told about the NIF and any impacts on their future by subject matter experts able to answer all questions. 

We believe that the approach being taken by NSW Trains: 

  • Does not provide a consistent approach across all regions,
  • Treats members/employees differently based on how their region is managed, and
  • Is an attempt to deny an opportunity for your local union delegate to be in attendance.

Whilst NSW Trains may believe it is appropriate to provide career changing information during a ‘stand-by’ diagram by persons with no operational knowledge, it is our view that a SBY diagram is an operational shift and therefore, crew are under no obligation to participate. 

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