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NIF: New driver responsibilities

Aug 14, 2019NSW Trains Update

Members will be aware of the ongoing consultation regarding the NIF Trains design and the proposed “final operating model” tabled by NSW Trains in June 2019.

For the information of those members who were unable to attend the recent RTBU NIF Tour, the following are new accountabilities/responsibilities proposed to be allocated by NSW Trains to InterCity drivers operating the NIF.

Additional Driver Tasks/Duties:

  1. Full accountability/responsibility for all elements of on-train operation
    including safe working requirements
  2. Designation of, and accountability for, operational tasks to Customer Service Guard
  3. Responsible and accountable for Platform train interface and train door operations utilising external CCTV and ASDO (Automatically Selected door Operation)
  4. Train fault detection, management and reporting
  5. Utilisation of MSDO (Manually Selected Door Operation)
  6. Sole responsibility for IEDR Override
  7. Responsible and accountable for boarding assistance management utilising the TMS
  8. Provision of boarding assistance when Station Staff or Customer Service Guard are unavailable
  9. Transpositions, accountability for management/application of electronic transpositions via TMS
  10. Provision of manual announcements when Customer Service Guard, NSCC or Station Staff cannot.
  11. Preparation – all duties undertaken solely by the driver
  12. Stabling- fault detection and reporting solely by the driver
  13. Conduct over carry checks in yard and responsible for safe removal of over carried passengers
  14. Amalgamation – all duties undertaken solely by the driver
  15. Division – all duties undertaken solely by the driver
  16. Yard Departure/Arrival- all duties undertaken solely by the driver
  17. Empty Car Running- all duties undertaken solely by the driver

The Locomotive Division has been informed by NSW Trains that they do not see any significant increase in remuneration in what they are proposing. Whilst the Locomotive Division remains opposed to various design elements in the full circular below, we will continue to reject any attempt by NSW Trains to undervalue any increase to Drivers wages as a result of an increase in responsibility and workload.

Please click here to download the full Circular.