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Newsflash: QUBE New Technology

Feb 16, 2021QUBE Update

QUBE Management provided information to the RTBU Locomotive Division late 2020, advising of proposed “New Technology” QUBE intends to introduce across its fleet. The various forms of New Technology are listed below. The Locomotive Division has met with QUBE on 2 occasions via video conferencing requesting more information on the use and parameters around the proposed technology and what benefits QUBE believe this will provide.

This new technology includes some of the following:

  • Camera Surveillance,
  • Computer Surveillance, and
  • Tracking Surveillance

Camera Surveillance – this includes both Forward Facing and In-Cab Cameras. QUBE has proposed the in-cab camera is to monitor Train Driver Performance, Fatigue Monitoring, and will allow quicker Incident Investigation as they will access the footage instead of waiting for third party supply and will allow QUBE to discipline the Train Driver quicker if found to be negligent in their duties.

QUBE have stated that the introduction of an in-cab camera is a safety system for employees / members, but we know it will only be used for disciplinary measures against you. When challenged by your union for an example of what safety benefits it will provide, QUBE could not provide any, it will purely provide an avenue to discipline.

Computer Surveillance – this includes Driver Login (Hawk-Eye System currently in road transport) in crew Transport Vehicles, Fit for Duty Declaration, Fatigue Management with Fatigue Compliance, and Communication recording. At this stage, QUBE have stated they there will not be any in-cab audio recording of the Train Crew.

Tracking Surveillance – Live GPS tracking and Alerting, Comprehensive Speed Monitoring, Route Monitoring & Location Status. This is currently in Road Transport Vehicles (trucking Side of Business) and being introduced into Crew Vehicle Transport.

Consultation – where are we up to?

The RTBU Locomotive Division wrote to QUBE Management on the 9th of February 2021, which highlights concerns of the above items and have not yet received a response.

QUBE also do not believe that this New Technology is a “Major Change” and as such do not believe that they must consult with you. Everyone must remind QUBE Management that an introduction of any technology is a major change under the consultation clause of the Enterprise Agreement.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.