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Newsflash: PN Bulk Moss Vale Depot

Jan 22, 2021Update

19 January 2021

A message for All Train Crew working into the Bowral Berrima Works Site.

 Since Consultation started on the introduction of new duties for Train Crew at the site, Pacific National has not included the RTBU Head office in any SHE/HSR meetings or been invited to attend site to work out if Train Crew can perform this role. We have also been excluded from discussions regarding any changes to procedures. 

This proposed role is NOT historically a Train Crew duty nor is it within the Classification Structure of the Pacific National Bulk Rail NSW Enterprise Agreement 2017. 

In other Pacific National Enterprise Agreements, it is clearly highlighted within various classification structures that Terminal Operators load or unload trains and not Train Crew. 

Regarding Train Crew duties, and again historically and in practice, it has been all work deemed safe that is above rail relating to the prepping, stabling, shunting and movement of the train. In this proposed new working, Pacific National is not only seeking Train Crew to perform work that is below rail, but also seeking that Train Crew perform other duties that are associated with monitoring and the use of customer equipment. 

Above all, Pacific National has not compiled a completed satisfactory Risk Assessment with any new proposed procedures to ensure that it is safe to even contemplate the use of any employee performing these new duties, which includes any external Train Crew. 

Pacific National paid an external company to perform a dust inspection, yet Pacific National refuses to pass this report onto the Locomotive Division. What are they hiding?? 

We have also not heard from Pacific National regarding this proposed change in quite some time, yet we have heard that Pacific National intends to have Train Crew perform this role next week. If this is the case, then all affected employees should lodge a Notice of Dispute and follow the Dispute Resolution Clause. 

The Locomotive Division still has serious concerns with this proposed change and Workers have the right to a  safe workplace. The safety of our Members is the number one priority of the Locomotive Division. 

 AUTHORISED: R Hayden Locomotive Divisional Secretary