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Newsflash: Aurizon Update

Jul 1, 2021Aurizon Employer News


As members would be aware Aurizon recently advised of their intention to reduce the Mayfield Depot by 15 fulltime driver positions calling for employees to express their interest for voluntary redundancy – more than 15 individuals expressed an interest. The Company gave redundancy to 7 of those employees who expressed an interest, but in a sign of their disregard for common decency chose 6 employees for involuntarily redundancy. There have also been 2 resignations, 1 transfer out of the depot and unfortunately 2 terminations.

The Union believes Aurizon was not following the provisions in the Enterprise Agreement by rejecting certain voluntary redundancy offers – This dispute will be lodged with the Fair Work Australia.


With the recent email from Aurizon outlining some new roster ideas there is a chance to examine the proposals a bit deeper. While the Union welcomes the potential for members’ working conditions to be improved, the potential side effects must be explained as well.

For most of these new roster suggestions it will be necessary to consider the major clauses that were hard fought and won at the last negotiations including hours of work, and how work will be performed as the proposed rosters are not supportive of current enterprise agreement conditions.

Your Union supports the best working conditions possible for Members and their families. Work / Life balance is important to allow you to enjoy social time away from work and ensure time spent at work is productive and safe.

Always remember that we

“Work to live, not live to work.”

The proposed rosters will impact on how leave may be accessed and how it is deducted. This is especially true if rosters do not have even numbers of shifts from week to week. This will need to be managed to ensure you all receive your leave entitlements as required.

The purpose of this newsflash is not to try to persuade votes one way or another. Rather, it is intended to provide more information to aid your decision making. This is your roster, and you should consider the pros and cons in making an informed decision on how each roster will impact you.

Once Members have decided on a roster, there will need for consideration as to what clauses will be affected and how these changes may impact the Enterprise Agreement. This should inform discussion about what changes will need to be made to working conditions in your next EA, once negotiations start.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed roster and how it may affect the Enterprise Agreement, please email questions to swright@rtbu-nsw.asn.au. We will endeavour to answer your concerns and advise of any possible outcomes.

Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

The RTBU Locomotive Division continue to collate the results of our Member survey to develop a Log of Claims for the upcoming Enterprise Agreement Negotiations.

We wrote to Aurizon back in February 2021 but are still awaiting notification as to when the Negotiations will start. We are ready to go once the call comes through as we have a representative from each of the depots nominated to negotiate on your behalf.

This includes Mayfield, where Aurizon have historically attempted to target representatives. This is an attempt to undermine the voice of RTBU Members and we will not take this lying down. We will continue to represent every single member within Aurizon and continue to grow our strength within the workplace.

As always, we are looking for people willing to step up and represent their workmates. Every workplace needs a voice, if are interested in becoming more involved please get in contact with your local organiser for further information.

Current Issues


This matter was arbitrated in the FWC in Newcastle on 15 June 2021 and we are now waiting on the decision to be handed down by the Senior Deputy President.

Disciplinary Matters

There are still a number of outstanding disciplinary issues which we are working with and representing affected members in attempting to reach satisfactory outcomes. Whilst Aurizon management continue to claim, “That the RTBU put notices of disputes on everything”, this is to ensure affected individual members are treated fairly and with the respect and dignity they deserve. Whilst the Company may have talked themselves into believing their own “caring employer, respect our workforce” rhetoric, disputes would not be needed if they walked the walk, and treated their employees with respect and dignity they deserve instead of the fear that that many members/employees are now feeling. The very employees that now fear the consequences of just being at work are the very workers on the front line that make the profit and do the hard yards for the company.

Please ensure you all stay safe and take care especially whilst the current COVID restrictions are in place
and always remember to check on your work mates, family, and friends to make sure they are all doing

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.