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New ‘Metro tax’ could be paying for more infrastructure

Sep 13, 2019Update

Sydneysiders could be funding over $100 million worth of public transport project backlog through a ‘Metro tax’.

A new report from Prosper Australia and Hale Infra predicts that some key public infrastructure will be fast tracked and funded through a special levy on taxpayers. The new infrastructure will possibly be completed in the next 10-15 years instead of the original four decades as planned.

“It’s not fair to prioritise the Metro over existing public transport infrastructure. The government hasn’t even been able to fix the issues with the Metro they’ve just introduced and there are still issues with the regional heavy rail network. They’re asking for more money for more problematic services instead of funding expansions and upgrades as they should,” said RTBU Loco Division Secretary Robert Hayden.

Please click here to read more from the Hills Shire Times.

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