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National Rail 20 year reunion

Jan 15, 2014Update

Ex-employees of National Rail Corporation are holding a 20 year reunion on April 5. All past and present employees from National Rail Corporation and Pacific National Intermodal are invited to attend and catch up with some familiar faces.

The invite is also extended out to all other rail operators and retired railway employees.

Those who attend will be able to catch up with some old work mates for a good old chat, tell a few old rail stories and have a laugh. Some of these stories have had us young blokes like myself in stiches, which looking at the railway today you think, there is no way you would get away with half of those things today, ya gotta love it!

So if you are interested in attending the 20 year National Rail Reunion please contact Daryle Doherty (DASHA) on 0419 206 235 or via Facebook for further information.

National Rail Reunion

Date: 5th of April 2014

Location: Junee NSW

Venue: Locomotive Hotel

Time: 10am to midnight