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National outlook for Loco Division

Nov 9, 2011Update

Loco Division delegates to last week’s National Council in Canberra took the opportunity to meet and discuss ways to strengthen ties across Australia.

NSW Branch will host a national divisional meeting in May 2012, where freight and passenger National Locomotive Delegates from every state and territory will work towards implementing national standards in areas including safety and work practices.

The National Locomotive Divisional Committee passed resolutions on:

  • fatigue management: resolving to continue to press for improvements to model national rail safety legislation and opposing measures that would undermine current fatigue management measures, as well as including stronger protections on fatigue management into workplace agreements; and
  • drug testing: resolving to campaign for saliva testing to be used as the first test in all circumstances, over the widely used and invasive urine testing.

As train drivers increasingly deal with common issues – and employers – a common approach will benefit all members.

NSW will invite interstate delegates to its Divisional Council meetings starting with the December meeting.