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Momentum: Total Momentum Rail Ops EA Update

Oct 30, 2020Momentum Update

Friday 30 October 2020

Negotiations between the RTBU and Momentum continue to be difficult. Things are also moving at glacial speed, with meetings being held every fortnight for a maximum of two hours (sometimes less than this).

In fact, “difficult” is putting it mildly, with basic premises such as a Master Roster seemingly unattainable for Management.

And the suggestion from the company of 12 hours minimum work PER MONTH for Part Time Employees is just laughable.

At the start of these Negotiations in July, Momentum Management were espousing values such as Genuine Career Pathways, Permancy, Diversity Programs for Women, and ‘giving people vision’ in their work life.

Now all we are hearing is the National Employment Standard at the lower end ,and suggestions of multiple book-offs and extended Lift Up and Lay Back at the other.

These Negotiation were never going to be easy, as with most Labour Hire Companies, however it’s disappointing to see a downward slide of standards that started off so lofty.

Your RTBU Negotiating Team will continue to bargain in good faith to achieve the best outcomes for current and future Members.

The next meeting will be on Friday,13th November. Oh the ghosts will be out!!!

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to call the Organisers, Leanne Holmes on 0405 231 016 , Steve Wright on 0418 699 642 or Brian Head on 0417 569 873.

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