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Metro in meltdown again after mechanical issues

Oct 31, 2019Update

More metro chaos this morning as passengers have been ferried off services due to a significant mechanical problem on a train at North Ryde.

Having to wait almost half an hour on services at a standstill, commuters are furious. Services are delayed, crowded and infrequent. As the Metro does not have any Drivers or Guards on board, passengers were left to listen to announcements, instead of the on board human/staff assistance found on the heavy rail system.

“Telling commuters to disembark from a Metro service and take the same buses in place before the Metro is just unbelievable. The fancy new Metro which is being replicated all across Sydney is clearly just an expense for show which has no on-train customer service and just cuts staff. Going full steam ahead on these projects without waiting to see if they even work is going to be the real legacy of this government,” said RTBU NSW Loco Secretary Bob Hayden.

“Another example of Government  ideology getting in the way of customer service!”

Click here to read more from the Sydney Morning Herald.

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