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Mentor Driver, initial consultation

Feb 24, 2011Update

As members will be aware, the Mentor Driver position arose from the 2010 Enterprise Agreement negotiations with the intention of creating an additional role within the RailCorp Training structure. As part of these negotiations, the RTBU Loco Division achieved a limited “scope” for this position in order to protect the role of the Driver Trainer within the training structure.

RailCorp’s Learning & Development section [Petersham] have held preliminary consultation with the RTBU around the proposed role of this position with the following being proposed by RailCorp;

• In Cab observation stage
• Build up of driving time (experience) only after successful completion of the 3rd pro driving stage & accumulation of 200hrs driving time
• Minimum of 3 years Driving experience for this position
• Mentor to receive “Workplace Coach”competency unit as training
• Mentor will not be required to come off roster

Whilst RailCorp is proposing that an allowance to be paid for performance of the role only, the Division’s position is that a permanent rate should apply to those who undertake the role.

The RTBU is awaiting formal correspondence from RailCorp that should provide a higher level of detail in regard to this position and no agreement has been reached as to the Mentor Driver role as yet. Members will be kept advised as consultation progresses.