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Membership Certificate and 30-Year Plaque

Jun 23, 2011Update

The Divisional Council is pleased to announce the introduction of a Membership Certificate and 30-Year Membership Plaque. These awards recognise the contribution of retiring members of the RTBU Locomotive Division who have shown loyal membership to the ideals of the RTBU and its predecessor unions.

The certificate and plaque acknowledge continuous membership of the Rail Tram & Bus Union NSW Locomotive Division, other Branch Divisions and/or any of the predecessor unions to the RTBU, as long as the person is a member of the Locomotive Division when they retire.

A minimum of 30-year continuous membership is required to be eligiable for the 30-Year Recognition Plaque, but there is no minimum time that a person has to be a member in order to be awarded the Certificate of Membership.

Both the certificate and plaque will be available for eligible members who retire from March 3 2011 and members can be nominated for these awards by their sub division.