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May Day 2020: Celebrating Jack Mundey

May 1, 2020Update

On May Day this year, we’re celebrating Jack Mundey, the BLF, the FEDFA and all the unionists and community activists who fought to save Australia’s heritage and historic built environment during the green bans of the 1970s.

This was an incredible moment for the union movement as we got the public to back us and won. Jack Mundey’s contribution has been incredible and we celebrate him with great pride today. His nephew, Peter Mundey, currently a Divisional Councillor, had some words to say about his uncle.

“He’s an inspiration to the whole family and a leader for his family, his friends and the union movement. He’s always wanted to stick up for people and was proud to see how much we could achieve when we worked together.”

“He has never made anything about himself. It’s always been about the people around him.  He’s got a passion for what’s right and his loyalty is unmatched even to this day. Just 18 months ago he went to a rally at Hyde Park and went and sat in the back to support the younger union members, hearing aids and all. He hasn’t lost his passion one bit.” 

“One of the things Jack said to me was that you had to be an all-inclusive union. They were ahead of their time and they realised that they had to make sure everyone was involved no matter where they came from or who they were. They made it work using interpreters and getting women involved as well as men. That’s where they drew their strength. That’s how they did everything they achieved.”

“As a union and as a collective, we will continue to achieve what’s right.”

Solidarity & thanks to Jack & Judy Mundey.

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