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Macdonaldtown Ground Based Warning System Project

Jun 19, 2020Sydney Trains

After cursory discussions late last year, Sydney Trains decided to commence consultation for the proposed Ground Based Warning System (GBWS) project at Macdonaldtown Siding.

The project focuses on the GBWS model currently in operation at Leppington Stabling Yard. The LSY model has had numerous SafeWork interventions which have highlighted a risk of train strike from incoming trains entering the yard without warning due to EPA noise restrictions. These interventions resulted in Sydney Trains management issuing a communication authorising the use of the train whistle if the Driver PERCEIVES there to be a risk.

RTBU representatives and HSR’s from Central and Leppington were given a brief project outline for initial feedback, during which time it became apparent that the scope had been decided on prior to consultation occurring.

The proposed Macdonaldtown model fails to warn workers of any incoming train movements and diminishes the roles and responsibilities of Guards, whilst removing the requirement of having a QE provide the road for departure.

When feedback was provided, the response from Sydney Trains was that “it is outside the scope of the project.”

The RTBU firmly believes additional controls are required due to specific issues at this site, one being the curvature of the roads leading to diminished sight lines.

A Statutory Request for Service was lodged with SafeWork who, despite identifying a number of risks, believe these to have been addressed due to a lack of Hazard Reporting data.

The RTBU Locomotive Division requests all members lodge Hazard Reports for all incidents or concerns, no matter how insignificant they may appear, as these help your Health and Safety Representatives take action which directly leads to a safer workplace.

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