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Love Your Bus Route this Valentine’s Day!

Feb 14, 2020Update

It’s Valentine’s Day – and this year no-one needs your love more than your local bus route.

Today we’re spreading the bus love to protect our routes from privatisation. The NSW Government is selling off our bus services, which means routes will be axed or altered, stops closed and journey times will increase.

It’s bad news for you and your trusty commute. Butthe good news is we’ve still got time to save our buses. Will you help us?

We need to show the Government that our buses aren’t short-term money spinners – they’re an essential service that our community relies upon.

That’s why, today, we’re asking you to show your love for your bus route.

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We’ve got a range of Love Your Route materials including social graphics, posters, and flyers that you can use to share your love for your local bus. Click here to see them.

Print them, share them, and show the government how much Sydneysiders love our bus routes. 

The government claims that buses will improve under privatisation. We know that’s not true – we’ve seen how services decreased when the Inner West and Newcastle buses were privatised.  That’s why it’s time to show our buses the love they deserve.  

Click here to download the Love Your Route materials. 

With enough love, we can save Sydney’s buses!