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Locomotive Division: Tax Deductions

Jul 5, 2019Update

In accordance with past practice, Union dues are tax deductible. The RTBU
Locomotive Division dues for the financial year commencing the 1st July 2018 to the 30th June 2019 are as follows:

  • **Full-Time/Part-Time: $703.30
  • **Casual: $416.00

**Please note the above amount is only to be used as a guideline. The actual
amount you have paid is determined by your method of payment and pay

  • Direct debit or Credit card: Actual amount paid will be mailed to you with the July Rail and Road Magazine.
  • Payroll Deductions: Actual amount paid will be on your group certificate from your employer

If you require taxation advice regarding individual claims, please contact your tax agent or local taxation office.

Click here to download the full footplate.