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Liberal senator backs employer’s right to unfairly dismiss workers

Aug 13, 2019Update

Last week, Amanda Stoker, a Liberal Senator, said that industrial relations negatively impacts businesses. She claimed that employers have a right to fire employees who are not “the right fit”, essentially supporting unfair dismissal.

She argued that it’s difficult for employers to get rid of underperforming employees as they are afraid of being taken to court. Clearly, she doesn’t realise that this reason alone keeps employers in line and helps employees who get sacked over not going on a date with their boss.

She continued to say that the award system was too complex and that having unions and labour hire laws detracts from productivity.

“These claims are just completely false. An approach like this is downright cold and lacks empathy,” says RTBU Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“Without industrial agreements and unions, there would be no protection for a worker who gets sacked unfairly. This Liberal government only cares about big business, working people and their rights be damned.”

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