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Korean Railway workers strike

Oct 25, 2019Update

During the recent inspection of the New InterCity Fleet (NIF) in South Korea, an opportunity arose for the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division (RTBULD) to meet with the Korean Railway Workers Union (KRWU) in the capital of Seoul as a result of industrial action against the Korea Railroad Corp (Korail).

RTBULD Delegates became aware, the KRWU have literally camped on the main concourse at Seoul’s main train station for a total of 53 days (and counting) to press their demands for higher pay and safer working conditions after negotiations with Korail broke down.

Surrounded by placards and banners, KRWU Members have been sleeping on mats in small tents with rudimentary supplies as commuters pass by. These staunch workers embody the fighting spirit of solidarity and are prepared to go the hard yards to protest against unfair work practices.

And for your information, incredulously the South Korean government plan to replace the KRWU Members with a ‘substitute’ workforce complied of non-union workers and military personnel to run the inter-city train services.

As a consequence of building the NIF in South Korea, TfNSW and NSW Trains have engaged with a manufacturer who’s government literally attacks rail workers rights, conditions and awards with, it’s own army!!!

It is heartening to see that the common ideals of our RTBULD ‘Membership of Unionists’ in relation to the introduction of the New InterCity Fleet is not only fought for by the Locomotive Division, but is practiced by another proactive union by a membership in support of the fundamental rights and principles of workers beyond the borders of NSW and Australia.

Members of the NSW RTBU Locomotive Division, we stand in unity and solidarity with the brothers and sisters of the KRWU.

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