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May 27, 2021News Update

The RTBU is continuing to fight to protect workers from the draconian and dangerous proposal to introduce mandatory in-cab audio and video recordings.

The strong campaign by RTBU members has forced ONRSR to verbally back down on some aspects of its proposal.
ONRSR are only now recommending that rail operators should have access to in-cab recordings after a notifiable occurrence.

This means they have temporarily backed down on pressing for operator access ‘exemptions’ in other situations (like live feeds or for training purposes) and instead will continue consulting with us on this.

ONRSR’s recommendation is for trains only but this does not stop them adding trams/light rail in the future.

Let’s be clear, our position is that we oppose the presence of in-cab video and recording devices.

However, at the moment, unless a protection exists in an enterprise agreement or elsewhere, employers can legally force in-cab recordings on us.

Therefore, we have an opportunity through this consultation process with ONRSR to create strict limitations in any future legislation on the access and use of in-cab recordings.

Rather than have in-cab imposed on us the way rail operators want to, if we are able to reach a sensible position with ONRSR on our terms, then we will bring that position back to RTBU members to decide to endorse or reject it.

Until then, we will remain opposed. Given there is no clear detail or protection from ONRSR at this time, we call ont he Transport Ministers to oppose the proposal being put and allow more robust protections for our members to be put into proposed legislation.

We understand how much this issue means to members. It is one that we all are passionate about, and we will continue fighting to make sure we get the best outcome for all RTBU members.

We urge you to continue signing the RTBU petition rejecting the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator’s (ONRSR) draconian and dangerous proposal for mandatory in-cab surveillance on trains and trams, and contact Australia’s Transport Ministers before their meeting to discuss a proposal from rail safety regulator to make it compulsory for rail operators to install audio and video recording devices in the cabins of trains to monitor train drivers.