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Jim Hughes calls it a day

Mar 23, 2020Update

On Wednesday the 18th of March, Penrith Driver Jim Hughes signed on for the very last time to bring to an end his railway career of over 45 years. Jim is the last of 6 brothers who all worked on the railway, an incredible family achievement.

Jim’s career started on the 9th of December 1974 when he joined as Junior Station Assistant. In 1978, Jim became a Shunter at Enfield and then decided to become a Guard, a position he would hold for the next 8 years.

In 1990, Jim saw the light and decided to leave his role as an Assistant Station Master and join the Locomotive Division as a Fireman at Enfield. Three years later, Jim left Enfield and joined the ETR where he would spend the next 27 years working at Central, Flemington and finally Penrith.

Jim’s retirement is the closing chapter in a much loved and respected railway family name.

We wish Jim all the best for the future.

Happy retirement Jim!