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In-Cab Recordings Update: You’ve Been Heard!

May 25, 2021Update

The RTBU has continued discussions with ONRSR about in-cab recordings and, as a result,ONRSR has revised its policy position to address your concerns!

For now, ONRSR’s revised policy position will be to only recommend allowing rail operators “black-box” style access after a notifiable occurrence.

ONRSR wishes to continue consulting with the RTBU and other parties about the ‘exemptions’ category on how arrangements can be put in place to allow rail operators access to in-cab audio and video recordings in other situations.

This is a great win for rail workers!

Congratulations and thank you to all RTBU members who completed online petitions and/or emails to Transport Ministers and Shadow Ministers as part of the RTBU campaign. It is through your efforts that our collective voice is being heard!

In addition, we thank ONRSR for putting the safety of the public and workers at the forefront of their decision-making.

Pending Friday’s decision by the Transport Ministers Council, we will then sit down with ONRSR to continue the
discussions about our concerns for the ‘exemption’ category.

As we progress, and more information becomes available, we will keep you updated.

Mark Diamond
National Secretary

Download a copy of the update here.

We urge you to continue signing the RTBU petition rejecting the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator’s (ONRSR) draconian and dangerous proposal for mandatory in-cab surveillance on trains and trams, and contact Australia’s Transport Ministers before their meeting to discuss a proposal from rail safety regulator to make it compulsory for rail operators to install audio and video recording devices in the cabins of trains to monitor train drivers.