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Hunter train line boosted by launch of Newcastle light rail

Oct 10, 2019Update

An increase of 50,000 passengers on the Hunter train line has been attributed directly to the launch of the Newcastle light rail service.

Following the dismantling of the Newcastle rail line, the Hunter train line has been dealing with low patronage numbers. The construction of the Newcastle interchange barely made a dent in this decreased patronage with commuters forced to endure bus transfers around the city.

“We still think that the train cut in Hamilton and removal of Newcastle’s rail line has been more harmful than ever but at least the new light rail has helped the network overall. In their haste to start destroying existing infrastructure and attempt to ‘improve’ conditions in Newcastle, they essentially moved commuters from one mode of transport to another – for absolutely no reason,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“We’ve learnt that this government is determined to only fix what they deem important. We’re yet to see change that reflects the opinions of the public itself.”

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