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Here’s why the ‘job snobs’ story is simply untrue

Aug 7, 2019Update

Recently, research from the Department of Education has revealed that employers are having a difficult time recruiting new staff with the right skills and experience for the job. The research claims that jobseekers are snubbing employment prospects on the basis of working conditions and a lack of interest.

However, this is simply a lie as the research does not go into depth in its investigation.

In fact, employers aren’t struggling to find workers due to them being ‘job snobs’, they’re having difficulty because they want workers who are able to immediately do the job, have the right qualifications and experience but be happy with the low wages they have been paying for the last several years.

An economy works when supply matches demand and when supply is short, demand should be higher and reflected through higher prices. Until this is the case, there will continue to be recruitment difficulties.

“You just can’t expect someone with a high level of experience and training to work for the same wages that have been in the industry for years. As course fees are increasing, so are the costs for the experience employers want,” says RTBU Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“Workers aren’t going to work for peanuts and do more work for the same price. It isn’t fair to expect that of them and blame jobseekers for being snobby.”

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