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Here’s why people are choosing trains over planes

Jul 3, 2019Update

Recent statistics point to a move away from flying with travellers preferring the rail system, particularly in Europe. Online booking service Klook has revealed that this last decade from 2011 to 2020 has seen a massive 21 per cent increase in long-haul train riders across Europe.

Even worldwide, train travel is more popular thanks to its low environmental impact. Trains are more environmentally friendly than planes, using almost half the amount of fuel as planes for the same journey length. They’ve even started running on renewable energy with trains in the Netherlands completely wind-powered.

Not only are they less expensive, less polluting and less cumbersome, they’re also faster than so many plane journeys and can get you to places that planes cannot.

Rail travel is no longer just old fashioned. It is an evolving way of travel with more and more passengers choosing trains over planes.

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