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GOVERNMENT BACKFLIPS COVID-19 Authorised Worker Requirements

Aug 31, 2021COVID19 Update

On Friday 27 August 2021, the Locomotive Division issued Footplate 28.21 COVID-19 Authorised Worker Requirements. This Footplate detailed temporary arrangements which gave Authorised Workers from the 12 LGA’s of concern three ways to meet the requirements of the Public Health Order from Monday 30 August.

Later that evening, in what can only be described as an act of extreme bad faith, the NSW Government revoked these temporary arrangements.

From 6 September 2021 onwards, workers in the 12 Local Government Areas of concern who need to leave their LGA to go to work will need to have their first dose of a COVID vaccine.

In a disgraceful display of pandering to the big end of town, the NSW Government has encouraged and facilitated employers in shirking all responsibility by shifting the onus of the state’s COVID-19 response to individual members and workers.

The Division will continue, along with the RTBU Branch and other Unions representing authorised workers in the affected LGA’s, to advocate and argue for Rapid Antigen Testing in all workplaces and/or the option of Surveillance Testing.

These are reasonable and necessary measures to support affected workers. The NSW Government must consider the real-life impacts of the decisions, instead of using workers and their families for shameful political point scoring.

The Division continues to meet with Sydney and NSW Trains, as well as Transport for NSW in efforts to arrive at fair, reasonable and consistent controls for members.

Members will be advised of any and all developments as they occur.

Download a copy of the Footplate here.