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Gordon Hill memorial mural

Oct 28, 2019Update

For many years, intercity drivers have enjoyed their own mealroom at Sydney terminal (commonly known as ‘the dungeon’). Unfortunately, with metro works near the location, drivers were told that the mealroom might become unsafe and have been forced to move into a combined mealroom on platform 1 next to the boss’ office.

Although the frustrations from drivers losing their beloved mealroom was evident, most angst amongst the members was the thought of losing the large mural which was hand painted to the wall by Bob Newham. The mural is a dedication and memorial to former Eveleigh driver ‘Gordon Hill’ who tragically lost his life in the line of duty in an incident on Cowan Bank.

So, after delegate negotiations, the project team agreed to replicate the image with a high resolution graphic onto a large vinyl backdrop to be placed in the new amenities. So now not only can members continue to show their respect for Gordon but the digital image of the mural can be used on virtually anything from framed pictures to pens to coffee cups and even T-Shirts.

This in turn will ensure the legacy of Gordon Hill and the Eveleigh Spirit remain.