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French union workers strike over pension reforms

Dec 17, 2019Update

France’s CGT union is striking for the 13th day today after the government proposed combining separate pension schemes into a single scheme, meaning people will be working longer for less income. 

The railway and transport workers branch has been particularly active with limited public transport running and worker protests in Paris. Flights, intercity trains and the city Metro have all been affected and public support for the strikes is still strong.

The union has said it is willing to continue the public transport gridlock even as the Christmas period approaches. Until they can get a reasonable conversation with the government and get the new pension scheme scrapped, they aren’t willing to back down.

“We hope that they can get the conditions they deserve. Nobody deserves to have their pension cut after having worked hard for most of their life. We stand in solidarity,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

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