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Footplate: NIF Training Commences without ICDC Agreement/Support

Feb 26, 2021Update

The Loco Division recently discovered that NIF training was scheduled to commence at Gosford from 1 March with 10 drivers rostered for that purpose. Only 3 drivers had volunteered with the remaining seven forced to participate.

At no time was the Loco Division advised that this was occurring or consulted on the application of the training within the Gosford roster.

It was discovered that the NIF training was allocated as Monday to Friday working with subsequent existing weekend working removed from the affected lines of work and reallocated to reliefs or as overtime.

To be clear, the Loco Division does not, and have not endorsed the current NIF Training course.

Should the course go ahead it should be classified as a Pilot, with participants given the opportunity to provide their feedback to the RTBU and NSW Trains.

NSW Trains also put out a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to members outlining how they intended to run the training program and the pay arrangements for the same. Once again, none of these matters were consulted or even discussed with the Loco Division.

As members will be aware, period rosters are compiled against the master roster with all known alterations and overtime on unclaimed book off days shown. Book off day patterns are to be maintained and cannot be changed without mutual agreement.

The actions of NSW trains amount to nothing more than an attempt to subvert the provisions of the EA and DR&WA by dangling a cash carrot as incentive.

Members are obligated to uphold and enforce their hard-fought conditions and not sell them out for what in essence is a poison chalice.

Download a copy of the Footplate here.