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Footplate: Driver’s Road Knowledge Qualifications

Sep 28, 2018Sydney Trains

The Locomotive Division wishes to remind Members to remain vigilant regarding their current road knowledge competencies with the introduction of the new Sydney Trains timetable.

This timetable will see some depots traversing roads which they may not have travelled over for some time. Road Knowledge requirements, detailed in TWP 108 and the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements, require Drivers to travel a road each 12 months in order to maintain competency.

Members must only work trains over roads for which they are qualified in order to remain compliant with relevant regulations. Members rostered or requested to work trains over roads for which they are not qualified are reminded to advise TCAC as soon as possible to ensure that a Pilot Driver or relief can be arranged.

Member’s whose qualification for relevant roads have expired should request the required upskilling through their shift manager.

Should any Member require additional assistance please contact your local depot delegate.

Click here to download the Footplate.

One Comment to “Footplate: Driver’s Road Knowledge Qualifications”

  • It also states that you are qualified for all adjacent lines and sidings. Please inform the memebers of that.

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