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Fight for PN Coal NSW allowances

Feb 24, 2011Update

The RTBU Loco Division is preparing to take PN Coal NSW to Fair Work Australia to defend PN coal drivers’ right to the correct Aggregate Allowance package.

During negotiations for the PN Coal EA which wrapped up last year, the RTBU worked hard to change the wording around drivers’ ‘aggregate allowance’, which had been 9.5% of a nominal figure midway between two classifications – with no relevance to PN Coal drivers’ actual wage.

The RTBU argued for an all-up rate to take into account all allowances and entitlements – such as dust allowance and penalty rates – which was achieved in the PN Bulk EA.

PN Coal removed the previous nominal figure and the final EA was voted on and signed off with a reference to “Locomo- tive Drivers Stream – 9.5%”. The RTBU’s position is that the 9.5% relates to each drivers’ respective base rate of pay, rather than the previous figure or any other un-determined figure.

PN is arguing that the arrangements under the previous EA still apply, but the RTBU disagrees.

Over 500 coal drivers across five depots in regional NSW are affected. The change to the calculation of entitlements would mean an increase in the amount paid for Aggregate Allowances.