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Face Masks – Locomotive Division Initiative

Sep 11, 2020Update

The Division has been able to source an initial order of 1500 washable face masks with RTBU – My Industry Union logo on one side on the basis of 1 per member.

These have now arrived and as such we are now putting in place a process to get them issued to all members via your Depot / Workplace Organiser. We need to make sure there is a proper process in place so every member of the Locomotive Division who wants a mask can/will get one.

We have, as of yesterday been able to place an additional order for the remaining 2300 mask which will allow us to provide each Passenger and Freight member 1 mask as soon as they arrive from the supplier. At time of writing we do not have a date when these will be received but will keep members updated.

Whilst we currently only have 1500 masks, we will eventually fill all orders on a first in basis subject to availability with any unfilled orders being sent out as soon as the remaining 2300 mask arrive.

Just to confirm the Locomotive Division as approved by Divisional Council will be purchasing 1 mask for each of our 3750 members, with spares being kept to issue to new members as they sign to join the Locomotive Division.

This is an initiative of your Locomotive Divisional Council.

Please be advised that we recommend that members wash the mask prior to use.