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Eveleigh Diagrams and Roster Consult

May 13, 2020Update

Members will recall the previous article regarding the diagram consult for the May timetable changes and the resulting debacle that ensued with constant amendments, errors within diagrams, late delivery of the same and disputes arising from balance of working.

The result of all this was a delay in constructing depot rosters at several locations with Eveleigh particularly affected. Representatives from that depot were released late to commence working on their new roster only to be handed a draft roster that was completely wrong.

This resulted in a complete rebuild being required, all of which took time. Coupled with this, these representatives were denied access to the appropriate software for 4 days which further delayed the process.

The end result of all this was the Eveleigh roster could not be finalised and displayed for members within the 28 day period set out in the EA with the commencement date now being 2nd June, 8 days after the timetable commences.

The outcome is that Eveleigh members will now be provided altered working for that period payable against the current master roster for any increase to hours of work, mileage, and associated working.

Lessons were not learnt from the January timetable change debacle despite assurances that this timetable change would be managed better.