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ETR sign-on times threatened

Feb 24, 2011Update

Correspondence has recently been received from RailCorp indicating they will be seeking to adjust ETR Drivers’ sign-on times to align with those of InterCity Drivers by removing the additional six minutes afforded to ETR Drivers.

Their justification for this is said to arise from the streamlining of the Safety Critical Document Distribution system that occurs now only once a week and contains only relevant information.

Also, the addition of Stopping Patterns attached to Diagrams, which removes the requirement to find these prior to operating revenue services.

RailCorp is required to consult with the RTBU on this matter and the Division will keep members updated / informed on the consultation process as provided for in the 2010 RailCorp EA and will be guided by the reaction to such changes by the Membership.

The nature of the constant challenges we face from elements within RailCorp are not limited to work practices such as sign on times, preparation times etc, but include Training, re-certification and whatever else takes their fancy at any given time.

Whilst the Division will participate and genuinely be part of the Consultation process as required in the EA for any change RailCorp may seek to introduce, the success or otherwise of RailCorp’s proposals will be based on the reaction / feedback from Members on the job, as the Division’s Officers and Delegates can only argue our case so far.

We will win some and we will lose some, but more importantly, their attacks must over time unite the membership and make us stronger and ready for our next round of EA negotiations. This will enable us to be prepared and better able to stand up for what we believe in and what we are prepared to fight for.